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more workers call in sick on Friday than any other day of the week. Tuesday has the lowest percent of absenteeism❞

EWL Associates Ltd.

The pace of change in Employment Law is relentless. The increasing complexity can prove challenging and time consuming for HR professionals and Managers alike.

We can help. What makes us different is our commitment to offering workable and achievable solutions that small to medium sized businesses can understand.

We are able to work hand in hand with businesses offering our combination of employment law expertise and practical solutions to HR and people management issues.


Business Re-organisations

Business transfers, TUPE and outsourcing

Handling individual and larger-scale redundancies

Planning and implementing restructuring and re-organisation

Contracts of Employment

Bespoke contract and policies/procedures
Contractual disputes

Zero-hour contracts, volunteer and intern arrangements and atypical workers arrangements


Bespoke training on a variety of subject matters e.g


Managing and reducing absence and short or long -term illnesses

Disability discrimination issues

Exit Packages

Resolving employee disputes by means of negotiation and Settlement Agreement

Advice and Support


Family friendly rights and rights to time-off

Investigations, disciplinary and grievance issues

Managing long-term and short- term absences

Tribunal Representation

Managing the ACAS early conciliation process

Representation before the Employment Tribunal

Privacy Policy

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